Super Mario kart 8

super Mario



Mario is a character that is in loads of new and old Nintendo games and the newest one Mario kart is out know. Mario kart is a racing game not a racing game like all the others because Mario games are not like real life. when you start you will start with about 4 characters and as you play you will pick up coins that will unlock and also you can buy an add on pack to get more old Mario kart courses.


FIFA 15 is a football game when you start the game will make you play Manchester city vs Liverpool as Liverpool and the winners win the league. After that you can play any game modes you want like online modes and lots more. You can also create your own player and do transfers and change clubs stadiums. After that you should play the most played game mode ultimate team.


fifa 15

How Messi became famous

FC Barcelona have the best player in the world called Messi who was scouted in the Barcelona youth team and became one of the worlds best football players because of how good people thought he was. After he was about 22, he became one of the most famous football players ever in history and he still plays.


Here’s a great video about Messi.

Alpha wars for noobs

Alpha Wars is a war game. To be good you need to spend lots of money. When you start you will have a base with 2 flags called a main base that other players can’t destroy. You will also have a base with a green line that will say ‘build tanks to conquer base’. When you get the base I would HIGHLY recommend spending money lol. link to web on alpha wars purple writing.

Alpha Wars

Here’s a good video about Alpha Wars.

How to survive first night in Minecraft

This is a guide to Minecraft. When you buy Minecraft you will spawn in a random world. When you spawn you will need to punch some wood to make a sword so mobs don’t kill you. When you make a sword you will kill some sheep and then you can make a bed to survive the night.


link to buy Minecraft on the purple Minecraft sign