YouTube  is owned  by google. Youtube makes billions of pounds a year. google bought youtube as well. I thought it was a ver y smart idea. Google can spot a good website. I think we can all agree on that right? Anyway so some Youtubers own millions of pounds a year. a good example is Stampy. one of my faverioute YouTubers of all time. Stamps made more than 2 million pounds last year. When you setup a Youtube account don’t expect to make millions of pounds in 2 days. Stampy took about 3 years until he started making his huge amount of money. In the future I’m going to make a YouTube account so keep reading my stuff and you can watch my videos. They are going to be Fifa 16 videos and super Mario maker videos. Oh ye and probably some Minecraft.  I also might do Ultimate team and Pro clubs on Fifa 16. If you all subscribe when its out I will do more videos. I might do Rocket League as well but only if you fans subscribe. and if you donate i will do a game of your choice. (£30 or more) Also i know 30 pounds is a lot but remember how enspensive games are. Also i will leave some videos of Stampy  below. i also got a google plus account.  I hope you enjoyed this and also check all my articals about this stuff.  Also I might do some Classic mario games like mario bros wii. Thanks for reading and see you really really soon


































Jose could get sacked

Jose is Chelsea fc’s manager. Recently he has been doing terrible. Luckily he beat Dynamo keiv 2-1. Mainly thanks to Willians free kick. The next match Chelsea lost 3-1 and got destroyed. Chelsea were winning at the first 4 minutes. Ramires did a lovely header into the goal. I the 45th minute Liverpool scored. Then they suddenly scored 2 goals. The 1 thing about Jose getting sacked is WHO would replace him. Jose has got the highest win percent in the premier league. The only better manager I can think of is Pepe. The only problem with that is that he’s at Bayern München. And also even Pepe has never been in the premier league. So that would be a massive change. Really Jose should stay at Chelsea since no-one else Is going to really be better. About 10 years ago Jose won nearly every cup possible with Chelsea. And really it’s not even Jose’s fault. And if you watch Diego Costa enough he’s being really lazy. The other day I remember seeing him wasting a corner on purpose. (At least looked like it) Chelsea just need a striker even Eto will do. Chelsea were going to buy bale but they didn’t he would of been great for Chelsea. I’m not sure what we should do. Say in the comments if you think Jose is good. But really this is the players fault.


Amiibo Nintedno

Amiibos are things that work on lots of different games on the Nintendo and the Wii u. The best game to use them in is probably super smash bros  but I’m not really sure to be honest. Nintendo have released these nearly 2 years ago and they have sold over 300 million copy’s. They have released a new wool Yoshi Amiibo. its not very popular beacuse it was released recently in September 2015. I have got 1 Amiibo they’re a rip off really but I don’t care much. they look really awesome as well :).  the down side of Amiibos is that they cost at least 13 pounds each. In my mind that’s a rip off but its fun like i said earlier. my faverouite  Amiibo is the Mario from 1985. You can get it in yellow and red. But sadly nearly all of those ones are sold out they are now really really rare :(. there was once a ultra rare gold Mario there were 109 of them but they sold out in 10 minutes. And i really mean 10 minutes not a joke. they also  had a sick Splatoon Amiibo but they could only get bought with the game so people robbed it. Actually so many people robbed it they stopped making it. (advice don’t steal things) I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you all later

Super Mario Maker

This game is only on the Wii u. It’s a bit like Minecraft. As u play along you unlock more stuff to build with. For example you can unlock a star or a mushroom. Also you can get Amiibos. Amiibos can change your charaecter I bought the rare Mario from 1985. They are often releasing new amiibos.the best place to buy them is eBay. They have nearly all of the amiibos. In mario maker there is also lots of online game modes. Like the 10 Mario challenge. There is a 100 Marino challenge as well. When you complete them you get different mystery mushrooms.What these do are a bit like amiibos. They just change your charecter. I only got 1 amiibo. To be honest they’re not really worth buying. But they look really awesome. So let’s talk about more Marino maker. This game is very popular on YouTube I think right now most of the gamers are doing Mario maker videos. StampyLongNose does videos about it. He mainly makes levels but he gives good advice about the game. Mario maker can be really easy but it can also be really way too hard. The other day it took me an hour to complete a level. It was really annoying but I managed to complete it. This game is best to buy on HMV’s website they sell it for cheap. Well not cheap but it’s very new so it’s cheap in that standard also There is this person who made a Crossy road map. When used a very smart glitch I don’t know how he did that but I think that’s really impressive. Actually his course is the most star rated course in mario maker so if you get the game you should check it out. The game is around £30 to buy or $45. I recommend it if you love Mario 10/10 😺.

And also you can watch stampys video here …







Ronaldo Vs Messi

We all know that Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in the world. But I am going to show you the head to head stats and facts etc.  Well for a start Ronaldo has played in many different teams like Manchester United.

When Messi was a kid in Sunday league football he only lost 1 game in 6 years. Messi was scouted by Barcelona and put into there youth team. Also Iniesta  was scouted at nearly the exact same time.

Messi  joined his international team in 2005. That was when he was in the professional Barcelona squad.

One of the signs that he’s better than Ronaldo is that he has won 4 Ballon d’Or’s and Ronaldo has won 3. Messi has scored more champions league goals also.  Ronaldo’s last club as a youth player is Sporting CP.

Shortly after that Alex Ferguson scouted Ronaldo to join Manchester United. He did massively successful and the prices on his T-shirts made loads of money for the club.  The manager had to spend a mouth taking 80 million for CR7 when he join Real Madrid.

When real Madrid bought Ronaldo a few years later he made his own boots. Then very soon later Bale joined Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has beaten records of other past Real Madrid player like most goals for the club (example of one of many) Now should we look at some HEAD2HEAD stats? Yes you say…

As you can see below there are some stats Ronaldo has scored only 5 more goals

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it a lot. also read the last thing i wrote about Fifa 16 I’m sure you will enjoy it because it has got loads and loads of tips. I will do more stuff like this really really soon see you all really soon bye 😉

Cristiano Ronaldo 82 goals Champions league
Lionel Messi 77 goals champions league

Fifa 16 pro clubs

This game mode in Fifa 16 is very fun. I have been playing it for a month now and my player is very high ranked.

In this game mode you start of with a player roughly overall 75 and you work your way to rank 90+.

Sadly there has not been much of a difference from Fifa 15 pro clubs to Fifa 16 pro clubs. In fact, nothing has changed at all. If you’re looking to start off with a player, here is what i recommend:

ST: best build: finisher height 6 foot weight 156 LBS

CAM: best build: Playmaker height 5.8 feet weight 156 LBS

CDM: best build: stopper height 6.3 foot weight 178 LBS

DEFENDER: best build stopper height 5.9 feet 181 LBS (Left wing back)
GK: best build Acrobatic height 6.5 feet 171 LBS

I hope those helped you know more about the game mode. You can either make a club or choose to join one. If I were you, I would join one it can get annoying having to own a club.

Actually in my club I’m not owner but I’m co owner but its still annoying. Also the best we to get players on PS4 is to go on to a community and advertise for example: Join fifa1999fc  and if your lucky they might join.

Also when you play matches you unlock traits. What these do they add things to your player but not like +1 shot power its more fancy stuff like bicycle kicks that i got :).

When you’re playing always pass. I’m a Central Midfielder so I have really good passing, but also because I play CAM sometimes and I got a good build I have really good shooting.

If you want to unlock MORE stuff if you are close to unlocking, switch to the position that is best. For example, if you need tackling +3 switch to defender (use one of my builds to be safe I checked them all just for you fans), the best formation is 4-3-3 but you can choose.

It does all depend on how good your teammates are and what they’re good at. If you want to join my club, write in the comments or message me on ps4 (user name luckyjack111).

I hope you enjoyed this and I will do lots and lots and LOTS more in the future. Also stay by because I randomly write on here. So if you message me, I will reply back to for sure.

Thanks for taking time out for reading this and BYE BYE fans.