Star Wars Battlefront

Hello Purple Eskimo fans. Today I am going to do a review and some cool facts on Star Wars Battlefront.

You should buy the game before you read this, so you know what I’m talking about.

So, when you enter the game you will be put in a Darth Vader battle VS all the goodies. It seems annoying at first but in about 15 minutes the proper game should be dowloaded. The first game mode I recommend you play is Single player missions. This is because you don’t want your stats to appear bad.

Once you complete all the single player missions you should play Hero VS villains game mode, I found people who play this game mode are usually fairly new.

This is also good to get used to playing all the characters. You don’t want to go into a game mode and not know how to use any of the characters. My favourite character is  Han solo, he is over powered if you learn how to use him well.

I see lots of players not knowing how to use characters at all. These players usually get bad stats on their multiplayer profile.

Also here’s a <<TOP TIP>>. When you rank up and unlock guns, don’t get the ones with some good stats get the ones with all rounded stats.

The reason this is is because you could have a gun with not all rounded stats and someone with all rounded stats will most likely smash you into pieces.

Now I’m going to talk about the game and what I think about it and how fun it is: the reason I like this game is because it’s really fun, it’s a first person shooter mixed up with lightsabers.

This  game really shouldn’t be a 16+, it should be a 12. The age rating is way too high, because the movies are exactly the same as this game I don’t get it.

Another thing I love about this game is the graphics, which are amazing. They literally took scenes from the movie and made them into digital graphics.

The thingI don’t like about this game is when you get to rank 50+, it seems like you can unlock whatever you want. This isn’t fair on the new players, as they need to make the match making system more accurate. Anyway, overall I rate this game 9.2/10, so I would recommend this game to any people reading.

Thanks for reading fans, I’ll be posting LOTS soon!



Here is a nice HD picture of Darth Vader from the game.

Here is the official website for the game. Press here to see it:







Clash Of Clans Tutorial/talk

Hello fans. Today I am writing about the popular mobile game,  Clash Of Clans.  As usual, I am going to leave my interesting stuff /facts in the bottom of the article. Anyway lets get into this! So when you start off, you will automatically be put in to a tutorial.

<<TOP TIP>> Don’t use your gems in the tutorial. They are just trying to make you spend money. So when they put you into the single player battle, they will give you about 5 wizards or so.

Don’t use them – you simply need 2 to do it. After you do all this, I would recommend buying 20-30£ worth of gems.

I know it seems like a lot of money, but later in the game you’ll be happy you did it!

When you get the Gold mines and the Elixir pumps, don’t put them to level  4. This is really common. Lots of people do this but i would’t recommend it.

Because Level 4 mines have low storage but level 5 have fair good storage, basically upgrade pumps and mines to level 5.  And when you are Town hall 5-7, don’t make a clan. The reason for this is because people simply don’t want to join someone not so high rated as someone else.

People are nasty in clash of clans. They only really care about themselves. I don’t want you to be one of those people. Those people simply don’t make good clans. So be nice to people, it will really make a difference.

For example, MegaEmpire, one of the best clans in the world have fairly nice members compared to your usual clan. So if you are at town hall 5 right now then make all of your gold mines an elixir pumps level 8.

Pumps and mines are key in Clash Of Clans, that’s why investing money in gold mines and elixir isn’t that bad.  That is why i said “You won’t regret it later in Clash Of Clans”.

Another tip:  if you are very new and you need a good base, Google search base layouts. The reason when you are low level is because you have very limited gear.

Next tip. Before you EVER upgrade your Town hall, make sure you have built everything, you have got a base design from youtube and you have upgraded everything to the maximum level.

If you are town hall 8 trophy push to crystal league III. I have seen so many people just stay in gold league and never trophy push. This isn’t clever simply because clans won’t want you to join, they will think you are new to clash of clans and they won’t check your base in a fair chance. I have seen people do this before someone like town hall 9 requests to join my clan (Not me because I make proper clans), but other clans that i have been in before when I was a fairly new player. Thanks for reading.

Now we are going to break down some of the tips and we are going to put them into bullet points.

  • When you start clash of clans in the tutorial, never spend gems.
  • After you finish the tutorial, buy 20-30£ worth of gems and invest them in  gold mines/ elixir pumps.
  • Never make a clan until you get pass town hall 8.
  • If you didn’t already trophy push to crystal league III, when you are at town hall 8 max you should do it.
  • After the tutorial, when you are put into a single player battle, don’t use all your wizards,  just use 2 at the same time.
  • At town hall 5 to 7, use base designs from youtube. Google search the key word “Base designs (Town hall level) for Clash Of Clans”
  • Before you ever upgrade your town hall, always make sure you have maximised everything out and have built everything you can.


Here’s a nice Base design from a Town hall 11 player (Highest town hall there is)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. I am posting a Star Wars battlefront post soon!

Is there a new “Planet Nine” at the edge of our Solar system?

Hello Purple Eskimo fans. I am so amazed, I was randomly searching on the internet and I found something interesting.

Before I write about this, I have to say sorry for not posting for ages but from now on I am going to post 6 Things to read this week.

Ok lets get into this. So scientists (Mike Brown) have recently found a  new planet called planet nine!

They suggest it is 10-20 times bigger than Earth. They also think that it takes 10,000-20,000 years to orbit the Sun.

Now, when I came across this I was like “Oh my gosh really are you joking me a ninth planet”, but then i was like “this is the chances of it not being in the solar system!” They said there is a 1 in 15,000 chance it isn’t in the solar system.

But I had this thought…

What if they are talking rubbish and it isn’t a planet? I mean, the chances I think that it isn’t in the solar system are 1 in 20 or so but whatever… I’ll tell you some more facts.

Mike Brown says “It is about 20 times further away from Neptune to Earth”. I was starting to think this is like a alien planet. Also, if you are using this for work/School purposes I am breaking it down into bullet points at the end.  There are lots of rumours also saying it is a gas giant. Don’t you think that would be pretty cool another gas giant?

Anyway. Mike Brown the scientist who found this planet, also removed Pluto as being counted as a planet. Could this new planet Nine be called Pluto?

These are very interesting facts. But the scariest thing about this planet is could this cause a mega black whole or something? (Don’t worry it will take about 5 billion years for that to happen).

Also there could be life in this new planet. Scientists say that you need water to live. Of course, but we don’t know about aliens.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if there really is life in the solar system google search space slugs on Pluto they already might of found life already.  These are very interesting facts I think.

So, fans please leave in the comments what you think, etc. about this “Planet Nine” Thingy.

Now, here are some interesting bullet points, a picture and a video:

  • Scientist Mike Brown, the finder of the possible ninth planet, also removed Pluto from the solar system (Not literally just as being counted as a planet).
  • Scientists suggest it is 10-20 times further away from Neptune to Earth.
  • It will take approximately 20,000 years to orbit the sun.
  • It is probably a gas giant.
  • If it eventually (about 5 billion years) might get really close to earth, a black hole may happen.
  • There is a 1 in 15,000 chance (0.007%) that it might not actually be in the solar system.
  • Scientists suggest it could actually affect platforms/objects in our Solar system.
  • Could there actually be Alien life? Who knows, but when we find out it could surprise us!
  • Could It even be true?

Thanks for reading! Here is a picture and a video for some more entertainment!

Also, to the companies who may own these photos/videos,  I am only using them for education purposes.


From an artists impression.
There’s a good story on the BBC about it here.
Thanks for reading fans!, I know this is a little bit different from what I write usually, Please write in the comments what I should write about soon.  Also tomorrow (The day I’m writing this is 26th January 2016) I am writing something about Clash of clans. Bye bye Purple Eskimo fans see you all soon!