New ‘Bowler’ troop in Clash of Clans

A few days ago (21st March) ┬áthere was a new update the released the ‘Bowler’ troop. It’s pretty powerful. I tested a few strategies and I found the best way to use him. In this article I’m going to tell you how good he is, which strategies he works in and in-depth details.

So some people don’t think the bowler troop is that good. It depends what strategy he goes in. If you look at his stats/info it will say this:bowler-level-3

He is actually fairly ‘OP’ (Over powered) in some situations. Mainly because when he throws his rock, it bounces on to the next thing on front of that entity/building to do splash damage. So overall with my personal opinion I think he’s a great troop.

However if you want this troop you will need to be Town Hall 10+ which is annoying. If you want him that badly join a clan with someone who has unlocked the bowler troop to donate to you. I think this troop may be improved in the future because Supercell have only just released it.

The best way to use this troop is to get tank troops and put them in front of him due to his low health-points. If you want to see all the strategies look at the bottom of the article you’ll find the best ones there.

I also recommend if you are a high enough Town Hall level to farm the troop as he is very good at level 3 (max level).

I think this troop will be used a lot in the future and I think it’s a good troop to farm since at maximum level he is great. (However he does cost more dark elixir).

Thanks for reading! Here’s a chart of the best strategies to use the ‘Bowler’ troop in:

Also this is assuming you are Town Hall 10+

  • 1. Healers+Bowlers+Giants+Witches
  • 2. Bowlers+Golems+Giants+Wizards
  • 3. Bowlers+Minions+Archers+Valkyries
  • 4 Bowlers+ Hog Riders+ Witches+Giants

Thanks for reading, there will be more posts in the future!










Link to Supercell’s website