Top 5 Builds for your MyPlayer in NBA2k17 (For MyPark mode)

Hello and welcome to this blog. In this blog I’m going to write about the best builds in NBA2k17 to destroy people in MyPark. This list also goes in order from 1 (Best) to 5 (Worst)

  • 1. Shot Creator (PG): Shot Creator is the build to go this year HOWEVER I will explain why, how to play with this build etc. You want to upgrade ‘Shooting of the dribble’ to max, Mid-range shooting to max, play-making max and the rest is optional. Before you play MyPark you also want to try and get the ‘badges’ to make your player better too. To get the badges click here to see how to get them. All you want to do is pull up of the dribble (I’ll link controls at the bottom) and shoot leaning shots.
  • 2. Stretch Big(C): Stretch big is an excellent build for MyPark and MyCareer but not so good in Pro-Am. Stretch Bigs are exactly the same as sharp-shooters (Nearly apart from a few small things) but they set screens, they can dunk and they can’t dribble as fast. Overall, if you’re not as advanced at dribbling etc., you might want to go with stretch big out of all these builds.
  • 3. Glass Cleaner(C): This build is another build if you’re not that great at dribbling, a glass cleaner’s job is to go in the paint and get rebounds for the player who missed the jump shot. You want to max out Rebounding, Layups and Dunks and strength the rest is up to you!
  • 4. Playmaker(PG): Playmaker is very similar to shot creator, however you don’t do dribble pull ups you do standing shots. Also with the Playmaker you tend to pass the ball more and make great passing plays. A big up about the Playmaker is the pick and roll maestro badge. If someone sets you a screen and you shoot your chance of the shot going in is a fair bit higher. Overall, despite this being a very popular buildĀ  I rank it at 4th.
  • 5. Sharp-Shooter(SG/PG): Pretty much the same as the Stretch Big BUT the height is a big factor in why it isn’t as good. Sharp-Shooters mainly just shoot 3’s off screens, get wide open for a shot in the corner etc. This is a good build for 3v3’s 4v4’s but not the best for 1v1v1’s and 2v2’s because of the dribbling and not being as good from the mid range area.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope at least one of these builds made you a good player in MyPark. If you want badge tutorials etc. Just search them up on the internet. They are everywhere.

Links: Badge Guide, ControlsĀ  and 2K17’s Website