Amiibo Nintedno

Amiibos are things that work on lots of different games on the Nintendo and the Wii u. The best game to use them in is probably super smash bros  but I’m not really sure to be honest. Nintendo have released these nearly 2 years ago and they have sold over 300 million copy’s. They have released a new wool Yoshi Amiibo. its not very popular beacuse it was released recently in September 2015. I have got 1 Amiibo they’re a rip off really but I don’t care much. they look really awesome as well :).  the down side of Amiibos is that they cost at least 13 pounds each. In my mind that’s a rip off but its fun like i said earlier. my faverouite  Amiibo is the Mario from 1985. You can get it in yellow and red. But sadly nearly all of those ones are sold out they are now really really rare :(. there was once a ultra rare gold Mario there were 109 of them but they sold out in 10 minutes. And i really mean 10 minutes not a joke. they also  had a sick Splatoon Amiibo but they could only get bought with the game so people robbed it. Actually so many people robbed it they stopped making it. (advice don’t steal things) I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you all later