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Not sure how to spend gems in Clash of Clans? read this!

Hi fans If you’re not sure what to spend gems on in Clash of Clans then  read this! I will show you what to invest in, how to farm with gems, etc. At the end, I will do a sort of table to show what amount of gems you spend and what you should spend it on.

So when people buy gems in Clash of Clans, I see lots of people spending them on dumb things, for example filling up gold storages. This isn’t clever because you could do other things that take about an hour of fun for 1/5 of the price.

What you want to do when you buy gems is “farm”. Farming is when you search for bases just for their loot. You want to boost your barrack speed, so it’s extra fast and you can earn loot a lot quicker.

Apart from farming, the best thing to spend gems on are builders huts. Builder huts let you upgrade more things at once. If you’re a town hall 5-7 player these are EXTREMELY handy. I did some calculations and if they keep upgrading all the time, it will be about 73% faster than with just 5 builders.

Also if you have enough for 5 builders huts at once, then build all of them, THEN boost the barracks.

The 3rd best thing (in my opinion) to spend gems on is upgrade time. It may not look like a really good offer, but if you got lots of gems (£50-£80) range, this is really good.

I think the 4th thing is probably to upgrade Lab and Spell factory potions and troops. I wouldn’t really recommend this THAT much, but if  you are raining in gems it’s probably not bad.

Now I’m going to do this table I promised you at the start:

  • £3.99- £7.99 Builders huts
  • £7.99- £14.99 Builders huts
  • £14.99- £39.99 Builders huts and barracks boosts
  • £3.99- £79.99 Builders huts, barracks boosts and boosted upgrade times

Hope you enjoyed!

Please leave a comment if my article helped you.



Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 14.22.19

Clash of Clans fake “free gems” + New Clash of Clans section on my website

Hi fans I’m going to be making a new Clash of Clans section on my website because I love this game and I want to give tips on it!

Today I’m writing about Clash of Clans I’m going to tell you why NOT to get free gems of these weird sites. The reason you probably found out about “Free gems” is from YouTube.  YouTubers get paid money to advertise these “Free gems” websites, so they can get their Rubbish base into a massive maximised Town hall 11 base. The reason I get annoyed about free gems is mainly because Clash of Clan’s terms of conditions says this is ILLEGAL.

Anyway, so what these websites do is they usually have a “Type name” section, etc. and you type in 9999999999 gems. After this it will ask you to do a survey.

After you do this survey, they will probably give you a link to press….. After you press this link, there is a vicious download icon. It’s slowly sucking all your passwords, emails and information.

You obviously get scared, and you try to click away the page… It doesn’t work! There is no click away page button what do I do?  ahhh. Then you have no free gems, and your emails are getting hacked.

So you get the point here; these are fake websites. Don’t use them and it’s against the terms of conditions. No matter how poor you are, how much you trust these sites; In the end you’ll get banned from Supercell and hacked.

OK, Now about my new Clash of Clans section. I’m addicted to this game now so I thought “OK why not make a new section on my website” So I did. I’m mainly going to make tips on How to start off in Clash of Clans and all that sort of stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this. Please don’t buy free gems and I will write more soon hope you have a nice day!

Here’s a photo from my poor photoshop skills:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 13.40.47

Star Wars Battlefront

Hello Purple Eskimo fans. Today I am going to do a review and some cool facts on Star Wars Battlefront.

You should buy the game before you read this, so you know what I’m talking about.

So, when you enter the game you will be put in a Darth Vader battle VS all the goodies. It seems annoying at first but in about 15 minutes the proper game should be dowloaded. The first game mode I recommend you play is Single player missions. This is because you don’t want your stats to appear bad.

Once you complete all the single player missions you should play Hero VS villains game mode, I found people who play this game mode are usually fairly new.

This is also good to get used to playing all the characters. You don’t want to go into a game mode and not know how to use any of the characters. My favourite character is  Han solo, he is over powered if you learn how to use him well.

I see lots of players not knowing how to use characters at all. These players usually get bad stats on their multiplayer profile.

Also here’s a <<TOP TIP>>. When you rank up and unlock guns, don’t get the ones with some good stats get the ones with all rounded stats.

The reason this is is because you could have a gun with not all rounded stats and someone with all rounded stats will most likely smash you into pieces.

Now I’m going to talk about the game and what I think about it and how fun it is: the reason I like this game is because it’s really fun, it’s a first person shooter mixed up with lightsabers.

This  game really shouldn’t be a 16+, it should be a 12. The age rating is way too high, because the movies are exactly the same as this game I don’t get it.

Another thing I love about this game is the graphics, which are amazing. They literally took scenes from the movie and made them into digital graphics.

The thingI don’t like about this game is when you get to rank 50+, it seems like you can unlock whatever you want. This isn’t fair on the new players, as they need to make the match making system more accurate. Anyway, overall I rate this game 9.2/10, so I would recommend this game to any people reading.

Thanks for reading fans, I’ll be posting LOTS soon!



Here is a nice HD picture of Darth Vader from the game.

Here is the official website for the game. Press here to see it:







Clash Of Clans Tutorial/talk

Hello fans. Today I am writing about the popular mobile game,  Clash Of Clans.  As usual, I am going to leave my interesting stuff /facts in the bottom of the article. Anyway lets get into this! So when you start off, you will automatically be put in to a tutorial.

<<TOP TIP>> Don’t use your gems in the tutorial. They are just trying to make you spend money. So when they put you into the single player battle, they will give you about 5 wizards or so.

Don’t use them – you simply need 2 to do it. After you do all this, I would recommend buying 20-30£ worth of gems.

I know it seems like a lot of money, but later in the game you’ll be happy you did it!

When you get the Gold mines and the Elixir pumps, don’t put them to level  4. This is really common. Lots of people do this but i would’t recommend it.

Because Level 4 mines have low storage but level 5 have fair good storage, basically upgrade pumps and mines to level 5.  And when you are Town hall 5-7, don’t make a clan. The reason for this is because people simply don’t want to join someone not so high rated as someone else.

People are nasty in clash of clans. They only really care about themselves. I don’t want you to be one of those people. Those people simply don’t make good clans. So be nice to people, it will really make a difference.

For example, MegaEmpire, one of the best clans in the world have fairly nice members compared to your usual clan. So if you are at town hall 5 right now then make all of your gold mines an elixir pumps level 8.

Pumps and mines are key in Clash Of Clans, that’s why investing money in gold mines and elixir isn’t that bad.  That is why i said “You won’t regret it later in Clash Of Clans”.

Another tip:  if you are very new and you need a good base, Google search base layouts. The reason when you are low level is because you have very limited gear.

Next tip. Before you EVER upgrade your Town hall, make sure you have built everything, you have got a base design from youtube and you have upgraded everything to the maximum level.

If you are town hall 8 trophy push to crystal league III. I have seen so many people just stay in gold league and never trophy push. This isn’t clever simply because clans won’t want you to join, they will think you are new to clash of clans and they won’t check your base in a fair chance. I have seen people do this before someone like town hall 9 requests to join my clan (Not me because I make proper clans), but other clans that i have been in before when I was a fairly new player. Thanks for reading.

Now we are going to break down some of the tips and we are going to put them into bullet points.

  • When you start clash of clans in the tutorial, never spend gems.
  • After you finish the tutorial, buy 20-30£ worth of gems and invest them in  gold mines/ elixir pumps.
  • Never make a clan until you get pass town hall 8.
  • If you didn’t already trophy push to crystal league III, when you are at town hall 8 max you should do it.
  • After the tutorial, when you are put into a single player battle, don’t use all your wizards,  just use 2 at the same time.
  • At town hall 5 to 7, use base designs from youtube. Google search the key word “Base designs (Town hall level) for Clash Of Clans”
  • Before you ever upgrade your town hall, always make sure you have maximised everything out and have built everything you can.


Here’s a nice Base design from a Town hall 11 player (Highest town hall there is)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. I am posting a Star Wars battlefront post soon!

Minecraft Is on the Wii U!!!!

YAY Minecraft is on the wii u.  Everyone has waited so long for this to happen I’m so so so happy :). I haven’t got the game yet though so  this review might be terrible sorry :(. So it looks really cool but there may be some issues. Lots of you purple eskimo fans know The Wii U hasn’t been amazing.  But super Mario maker was amazing 10/10 Nintendo! The day I’m writing this is the day  it came out i believe anyway. So i turned on my Wii U and saw something amazing on the bottom right corner. It said Minecraft Wii U edition! I couldn’t believe my eyes And it has only been going for about 1-2 days! There was so many Mii people There. I was about to click The  eShop until i couldn’t be bothered and switched to Wii  Sports. Saying Wii Sports feels like being in 1997. I mean Games are updating so rapidly now its crazy. Fifa 13-14 Was stupid the graphics were so so good. in 14 anyway Lets get back on subject. Minecraft Wii U edition has good DLC and it has cool little features to.  I hope when it comes out more publicly known I will know about it  I hope i can find out more about it.  Again i love putting links to videos down below you know what But i can’t actually find any videos when I find a decent video ill put it there. So instead I’m gonna put a picture than i won’t sued for and arrested thats not illegal.

Oh I can’t find an image either gr8!









YouTube  is owned  by google. Youtube makes billions of pounds a year. google bought youtube as well. I thought it was a ver y smart idea. Google can spot a good website. I think we can all agree on that right? Anyway so some Youtubers own millions of pounds a year. a good example is Stampy. one of my faverioute YouTubers of all time. Stamps made more than 2 million pounds last year. When you setup a Youtube account don’t expect to make millions of pounds in 2 days. Stampy took about 3 years until he started making his huge amount of money. In the future I’m going to make a YouTube account so keep reading my stuff and you can watch my videos. They are going to be Fifa 16 videos and super Mario maker videos. Oh ye and probably some Minecraft.  I also might do Ultimate team and Pro clubs on Fifa 16. If you all subscribe when its out I will do more videos. I might do Rocket League as well but only if you fans subscribe. and if you donate i will do a game of your choice. (£30 or more) Also i know 30 pounds is a lot but remember how enspensive games are. Also i will leave some videos of Stampy  below. i also got a google plus account.  I hope you enjoyed this and also check all my articals about this stuff.  Also I might do some Classic mario games like mario bros wii. Thanks for reading and see you really really soon


































Amiibo Nintedno

Amiibos are things that work on lots of different games on the Nintendo and the Wii u. The best game to use them in is probably super smash bros  but I’m not really sure to be honest. Nintendo have released these nearly 2 years ago and they have sold over 300 million copy’s. They have released a new wool Yoshi Amiibo. its not very popular beacuse it was released recently in September 2015. I have got 1 Amiibo they’re a rip off really but I don’t care much. they look really awesome as well :).  the down side of Amiibos is that they cost at least 13 pounds each. In my mind that’s a rip off but its fun like i said earlier. my faverouite  Amiibo is the Mario from 1985. You can get it in yellow and red. But sadly nearly all of those ones are sold out they are now really really rare :(. there was once a ultra rare gold Mario there were 109 of them but they sold out in 10 minutes. And i really mean 10 minutes not a joke. they also  had a sick Splatoon Amiibo but they could only get bought with the game so people robbed it. Actually so many people robbed it they stopped making it. (advice don’t steal things) I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you all later

Super Mario Maker

This game is only on the Wii u. It’s a bit like Minecraft. As u play along you unlock more stuff to build with. For example you can unlock a star or a mushroom. Also you can get Amiibos. Amiibos can change your charaecter I bought the rare Mario from 1985. They are often releasing new amiibos.the best place to buy them is eBay. They have nearly all of the amiibos. In mario maker there is also lots of online game modes. Like the 10 Mario challenge. There is a 100 Marino challenge as well. When you complete them you get different mystery mushrooms.What these do are a bit like amiibos. They just change your charecter. I only got 1 amiibo. To be honest they’re not really worth buying. But they look really awesome. So let’s talk about more Marino maker. This game is very popular on YouTube I think right now most of the gamers are doing Mario maker videos. StampyLongNose does videos about it. He mainly makes levels but he gives good advice about the game. Mario maker can be really easy but it can also be really way too hard. The other day it took me an hour to complete a level. It was really annoying but I managed to complete it. This game is best to buy on HMV’s website they sell it for cheap. Well not cheap but it’s very new so it’s cheap in that standard also There is this person who made a Crossy road map. When used a very smart glitch I don’t know how he did that but I think that’s really impressive. Actually his course is the most star rated course in mario maker so if you get the game you should check it out. The game is around £30 to buy or $45. I recommend it if you love Mario 10/10 😺.

And also you can watch stampys video here …







PS4, PS3 and PSvita

PS4 is a really awesome and fun console that is worth buying.

I think it’s better than the XBox.

Xbox is cool though it’s just not as good as ps4.

One of the reasons to buy the ps4 is that you can get little big planet.

If you want to save a lot of money buy the PS3 because it’s very similar to the ps4.

Also if you are buying the ps4 or PS3 you should buy FIFA 16 It’s really fun.

On the new ps4 update they added an events calendar so you can see stuff like when Fifa 17 is out. Also I love the ps vita  because it’s like a mini ps4 but you can take it to space!

The ps4 is better than the psvita but ps vita is cheaper. Also there is lots of games on the psvita that are cheaper than the ps4.

Now I’m going to make a list .f my favourite games…. Minecraft, terraria, FIFA 16 and pes 2016.  Also minecraft is having an update soon for of and console editions of mine craft.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I will do more very soon! And also remember to get one of these consoles thanks a lot for reading bye.

Sorry I haven’t been online for ages

Sorry for all of you purple Eskimo fans I haven’t been doing stuff for a while I decided to do a sort of thing about loads of different subjects on one article. I hope you enjoy it!

Minecraft: so Minecraft is a great game it has different blocks and stuff you can make servers that your friends can play on.  The new update (1.9) is coming out soon it’s going to be adding Ender City, another hand A.K.A dual mode (sick),          New arrows like poison arrows and  Infinity EnderDragons. Also I got some more stuff to talk about like commands I really recommend going to Minecraftscience the top search result its a really awesome website that gives you commands. If you wanna play with me on Minecraft my username is luckyjack111😆  And now we go to the next subject.

Fifa 16 New!:

Fifa 16 is out NOW!!!!!!!!!! FIFA 16 is now my faveiroite game. EA have added a few new things one of my favereioute ones is the new draft mode on ultimate team it lets you build a team of random cool players like Neymar who I got. Also on pro clubs this is my favourite game mode they have added new beards the ones they added are very long and if your stranded finding a team join my clubs cfc22. Now let’s talk about women’s teams they added women’s teams sadly not the clubs only some of the country’s you can play then offline or on seasons mode were going to talk about in a minute…  Seasons is a mode when you play online against a random opponent the best team that I have played on seasons are bayern münchen but you can choose any club That’s most of the game modes but there are about 2 more but I’m not gonna spoil them for you.

Ea sports pga tour 15 new:

I love this game it’s really interesting i reccomend playing career mode it’s really fun and you can make your own player. They also added a thing called Nightclub mode it’s a golf course but it has loads of lights like orange blue and pink around it (of course it’s at night) also head 2 head mode is really cool you can play with your career player against other online players or you can play with players like speith. You can also play the pro lounge all you do is learn about the game.  One more cool thing is the online compititions you can play on an online course against others.


plants vs zombies garden warfare

In this game if you have ps4 like me you need PSN so anyway let’s go you can play many different game modes such as garden ops in garden ops you have a garden and protect it from the zombies I play this game mode the most. There’s is another game mode when you can join the zombie team or the plants team to try and conquer gardens. Also like ultimate team from Fifa you can open packs to unlock to unlock your stuff like decorations for your plants and more zombies.

terraria this game is like a 2d mine craft it’s really fun to play you can get bosses and fight them for example eye of cuthulu  when you defeat bosses you can collect all their loot and make better swords and armour.  You can also make houses and sometimes people move in the houses. The cool thing about that is they sell you cool things like guns and arrows but you do need to have a lot of coins to get the cool stuff.

Thats the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it. I will make more articles everyday from now on.