Clash of Clans fake “free gems” + New Clash of Clans section on my website

Hi fans I’m going to be making a new Clash of Clans section on my website because I love this game and I want to give tips on it!

Today I’m writing about Clash of Clans I’m going to tell you why NOT to get free gems of these weird sites. The reason you probably found out about “Free gems” is from YouTube.  YouTubers get paid money to advertise these “Free gems” websites, so they can get their Rubbish base into a massive maximised Town hall 11 base. The reason I get annoyed about free gems is mainly because Clash of Clan’s terms of conditions says this is ILLEGAL.

Anyway, so what these websites do is they usually have a “Type name” section, etc. and you type in 9999999999 gems. After this it will ask you to do a survey.

After you do this survey, they will probably give you a link to press….. After you press this link, there is a vicious download icon. It’s slowly sucking all your passwords, emails and information.

You obviously get scared, and you try to click away the page… It doesn’t work! There is no click away page button what do I do?  ahhh. Then you have no free gems, and your emails are getting hacked.

So you get the point here; these are fake websites. Don’t use them and it’s against the terms of conditions. No matter how poor you are, how much you trust these sites; In the end you’ll get banned from Supercell and hacked.

OK, Now about my new Clash of Clans section. I’m addicted to this game now so I thought “OK why not make a new section on my website” So I did. I’m mainly going to make tips on How to start off in Clash of Clans and all that sort of stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this. Please don’t buy free gems and I will write more soon hope you have a nice day!

Here’s a photo from my poor photoshop skills:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 13.40.47