Clash Of Clans Tutorial/talk

Hello fans. Today I am writing about the popular mobile game,  Clash Of Clans.  As usual, I am going to leave my interesting stuff /facts in the bottom of the article. Anyway lets get into this! So when you start off, you will automatically be put in to a tutorial.

<<TOP TIP>> Don’t use your gems in the tutorial. They are just trying to make you spend money. So when they put you into the single player battle, they will give you about 5 wizards or so.

Don’t use them – you simply need 2 to do it. After you do all this, I would recommend buying 20-30£ worth of gems.

I know it seems like a lot of money, but later in the game you’ll be happy you did it!

When you get the Gold mines and the Elixir pumps, don’t put them to level  4. This is really common. Lots of people do this but i would’t recommend it.

Because Level 4 mines have low storage but level 5 have fair good storage, basically upgrade pumps and mines to level 5.  And when you are Town hall 5-7, don’t make a clan. The reason for this is because people simply don’t want to join someone not so high rated as someone else.

People are nasty in clash of clans. They only really care about themselves. I don’t want you to be one of those people. Those people simply don’t make good clans. So be nice to people, it will really make a difference.

For example, MegaEmpire, one of the best clans in the world have fairly nice members compared to your usual clan. So if you are at town hall 5 right now then make all of your gold mines an elixir pumps level 8.

Pumps and mines are key in Clash Of Clans, that’s why investing money in gold mines and elixir isn’t that bad.  That is why i said “You won’t regret it later in Clash Of Clans”.

Another tip:  if you are very new and you need a good base, Google search base layouts. The reason when you are low level is because you have very limited gear.

Next tip. Before you EVER upgrade your Town hall, make sure you have built everything, you have got a base design from youtube and you have upgraded everything to the maximum level.

If you are town hall 8 trophy push to crystal league III. I have seen so many people just stay in gold league and never trophy push. This isn’t clever simply because clans won’t want you to join, they will think you are new to clash of clans and they won’t check your base in a fair chance. I have seen people do this before someone like town hall 9 requests to join my clan (Not me because I make proper clans), but other clans that i have been in before when I was a fairly new player. Thanks for reading.

Now we are going to break down some of the tips and we are going to put them into bullet points.

  • When you start clash of clans in the tutorial, never spend gems.
  • After you finish the tutorial, buy 20-30£ worth of gems and invest them in  gold mines/ elixir pumps.
  • Never make a clan until you get pass town hall 8.
  • If you didn’t already trophy push to crystal league III, when you are at town hall 8 max you should do it.
  • After the tutorial, when you are put into a single player battle, don’t use all your wizards,  just use 2 at the same time.
  • At town hall 5 to 7, use base designs from youtube. Google search the key word “Base designs (Town hall level) for Clash Of Clans”
  • Before you ever upgrade your town hall, always make sure you have maximised everything out and have built everything you can.


Here’s a nice Base design from a Town hall 11 player (Highest town hall there is)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. I am posting a Star Wars battlefront post soon!