Fifa 16 pro clubs

This game mode in Fifa 16 is very fun. I have been playing it for a month now and my player is very high ranked.

In this game mode you start of with a player roughly overall 75 and you work your way to rank 90+.

Sadly there has not been much of a difference from Fifa 15 pro clubs to Fifa 16 pro clubs. In fact, nothing has changed at all. If you’re looking to start off with a player, here is what i recommend:

ST: best build: finisher height 6 foot weight 156 LBS

CAM: best build: Playmaker height 5.8 feet weight 156 LBS

CDM: best build: stopper height 6.3 foot weight 178 LBS

DEFENDER: best build stopper height 5.9 feet 181 LBS (Left wing back)
GK: best build Acrobatic height 6.5 feet 171 LBS

I hope those helped you know more about the game mode. You can either make a club or choose to join one. If I were you, I would join one it can get annoying having to own a club.

Actually in my club I’m not owner but I’m co owner but its still annoying. Also the best we to get players on PS4 is to go on to a community and advertise for example: Join fifa1999fc  and if your lucky they might join.

Also when you play matches you unlock traits. What these do they add things to your player but not like +1 shot power its more fancy stuff like bicycle kicks that i got :).

When you’re playing always pass. I’m a Central Midfielder so I have really good passing, but also because I play CAM sometimes and I got a good build I have really good shooting.

If you want to unlock MORE stuff if you are close to unlocking, switch to the position that is best. For example, if you need tackling +3 switch to defender (use one of my builds to be safe I checked them all just for you fans), the best formation is 4-3-3 but you can choose.

It does all depend on how good your teammates are and what they’re good at. If you want to join my club, write in the comments or message me on ps4 (user name luckyjack111).

I hope you enjoyed this and I will do lots and lots and LOTS more in the future. Also stay by because I randomly write on here. So if you message me, I will reply back to for sure.

Thanks for taking time out for reading this and BYE BYE fans.