Is there a new “Planet Nine” at the edge of our Solar system?

Hello Purple Eskimo fans. I am so amazed, I was randomly searching on the internet and I found something interesting.

Before I write about this, I have to say sorry for not posting for ages but from now on I am going to post 6 Things to read this week.

Ok lets get into this. So scientists (Mike Brown) have recently found a  new planet called planet nine!

They suggest it is 10-20 times bigger than Earth. They also think that it takes 10,000-20,000 years to orbit the Sun.

Now, when I came across this I was like “Oh my gosh really are you joking me a ninth planet”, but then i was like “this is the chances of it not being in the solar system!” They said there is a 1 in 15,000 chance it isn’t in the solar system.

But I had this thought…

What if they are talking rubbish and it isn’t a planet? I mean, the chances I think that it isn’t in the solar system are 1 in 20 or so but whatever… I’ll tell you some more facts.

Mike Brown says “It is about 20 times further away from Neptune to Earth”. I was starting to think this is like a alien planet. Also, if you are using this for work/School purposes I am breaking it down into bullet points at the end.  There are lots of rumours also saying it is a gas giant. Don’t you think that would be pretty cool another gas giant?

Anyway. Mike Brown the scientist who found this planet, also removed Pluto as being counted as a planet. Could this new planet Nine be called Pluto?

These are very interesting facts. But the scariest thing about this planet is could this cause a mega black whole or something? (Don’t worry it will take about 5 billion years for that to happen).

Also there could be life in this new planet. Scientists say that you need water to live. Of course, but we don’t know about aliens.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if there really is life in the solar system google search space slugs on Pluto they already might of found life already.  These are very interesting facts I think.

So, fans please leave in the comments what you think, etc. about this “Planet Nine” Thingy.

Now, here are some interesting bullet points, a picture and a video:

  • Scientist Mike Brown, the finder of the possible ninth planet, also removed Pluto from the solar system (Not literally just as being counted as a planet).
  • Scientists suggest it is 10-20 times further away from Neptune to Earth.
  • It will take approximately 20,000 years to orbit the sun.
  • It is probably a gas giant.
  • If it eventually (about 5 billion years) might get really close to earth, a black hole may happen.
  • There is a 1 in 15,000 chance (0.007%) that it might not actually be in the solar system.
  • Scientists suggest it could actually affect platforms/objects in our Solar system.
  • Could there actually be Alien life? Who knows, but when we find out it could surprise us!
  • Could It even be true?

Thanks for reading! Here is a picture and a video for some more entertainment!

Also, to the companies who may own these photos/videos,  I am only using them for education purposes.


From an artists impression.
There’s a good story on the BBC about it here.
Thanks for reading fans!, I know this is a little bit different from what I write usually, Please write in the comments what I should write about soon.  Also tomorrow (The day I’m writing this is 26th January 2016) I am writing something about Clash of clans. Bye bye Purple Eskimo fans see you all soon!