Jose could get sacked

Jose is Chelsea fc’s manager. Recently he has been doing terrible. Luckily he beat Dynamo keiv 2-1. Mainly thanks to Willians free kick. The next match Chelsea lost 3-1 and got destroyed. Chelsea were winning at the first 4 minutes. Ramires did a lovely header into the goal. I the 45th minute Liverpool scored. Then they suddenly scored 2 goals. The 1 thing about Jose getting sacked is WHO would replace him. Jose has got the highest win percent in the premier league. The only better manager I can think of is Pepe. The only problem with that is that he’s at Bayern M√ľnchen. And also even Pepe has never been in the premier league. So that would be a massive change. Really Jose should stay at Chelsea since no-one else Is going to really be better. About 10 years ago Jose won nearly every cup possible with Chelsea. And really it’s not even Jose’s fault. And if you watch Diego Costa enough he’s being really lazy. The other day I remember seeing him wasting a corner on purpose. (At least looked like it) Chelsea just need a striker even Eto will do. Chelsea were going to buy bale but they didn’t he would of been great for Chelsea. I’m not sure what we should do. Say in the comments if you think Jose is good. But really this is the players fault.