Minecraft Is on the Wii U!!!!

YAY Minecraft is on the wii u.  Everyone has waited so long for this to happen I’m so so so happy :). I haven’t got the game yet though so  this review might be terrible sorry :(. So it looks really cool but there may be some issues. Lots of you purple eskimo fans know The Wii U hasn’t been amazing.  But super Mario maker was amazing 10/10 Nintendo! The day I’m writing this is the day  it came out i believe anyway. So i turned on my Wii U and saw something amazing on the bottom right corner. It said Minecraft Wii U edition! I couldn’t believe my eyes And it has only been going for about 1-2 days! There was so many Mii people There. I was about to click The  eShop until i couldn’t be bothered and switched to Wii  Sports. Saying Wii Sports feels like being in 1997. I mean Games are updating so rapidly now its crazy. Fifa 13-14 Was stupid the graphics were so so good. in 14 anyway Lets get back on subject. Minecraft Wii U edition has good DLC and it has cool little features to.  I hope when it comes out more publicly known I will know about it  I hope i can find out more about it.  Again i love putting links to videos down below you know what But i can’t actually find any videos when I find a decent video ill put it there. So instead I’m gonna put a picture than i won’t sued for and arrested thats not illegal.

Oh I can’t find an image either gr8!