NBA2k17 Review and Best Game-Modes

Hello fans of my website. I’m sorry for not making a post for about 4 months so I’m going to do a couple of posts a week from now on. Anyway this is a review about NBA2K17 and if you should buy it or not, etc. This will be a bullet point list of some of the best game-modes and what I think about them. I will speak about 4 different game-modes.

  • 1. MyCareer: MyCareer mode is the biggest reason to buy this game. It is so realistic there are Cut scenes with NBA players, you go to College, and depending on how you play in college will determine where you get drafted. Also, companies like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc. will give you ‘Virtual Currency’ to make your player better. You will also get a personal court to play in to practice with NBA players and with your online friends.
  • 2. MyPark: MyPark is another excellent game-mode. It allows you to play with other people online on a court with loads of other people. You can select 3 ‘Areas’ to play in. You use your MyCareer player and you can buy clothing items and jerseys to play with in MyPark. Overall it is a very realistic game-mode and a reason to buy this game.
  • 3. MyTeam: MyTeam is a bit like Fifa UltimateĀ  Team in FIFA17 you play games, you buy players from either packs or from the auction house, there are legendary players like Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, etc. There are different ways to play; you can practice a few shots in your arena, there is blacktop mode when you can play 3 on 3 games online and normal 5 on 5 games like real life. You can also make your own jersey, own badge and make a stadium. Overall MyTeam is a good game-mode and a good reason to buy NBA2K17.
  • 4. MyGM: Last but not least MyGM (GM means general manager). In this mode you can take a team and do tons of stuff. For example, you could manage the 76ers and do a rebuilding process and make them into a playoff team or you could take the Lakers and relocate them to Las Vegas. There is also a draft. You can trade draft picks on draft night and choose who you want to draft. There are also Season awards like: MVP, Most Improved Player, Defensive Player of The Year, Rookie of the year and many more. Overall MyGM is a solid mode but hard to master. A worthy game-mode of this list though.

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you enjoyed it. This list is also in order from best to worst.

Here is a nice play in the NBA finals šŸ™‚