New York City FC

NYC A.K.A New York City FC are one of the newest teams in football so I thought this is probaly fairly interesting I hope you enjoy. NYC fc are a football club in the usa but one of the interesting things is manchester city fc OWN this team weird huh. They have made some good transfers recently Frank Lampard from manchester city, Pirlo from juventus and some random right back called  iraola from sevilla. Now lets talk about the league the league is kind of weird becuase it starts after the english leage ends but its a good league to watch if you want to watch it watch it on Sky tv. Now this is very weird their stadium is from New York yankees they are going to stay there for about 4 years! The next thing is the T-shirt logo the logo Etihad Airways is the same as Manchester city FC’s logo this is probaly just becuase it’s easyer to coppy the same logo as the other club.  NYC fc are doing well so far so that will be a thing to keep an eye on becase they are a new club and have high leage expectations. If you are from America mabeye support this club becuase they are an interesting and good club.  They also got added to Fifa 15 the game and they will be in fifa 16 they are actually a good Team in fifa so you might want to play as them since they are a new and cool team.

Thats all I wanted to talk about today thanks for reading 🙂