Not sure how to spend gems in Clash of Clans? read this!

Hi fans If you’re not sure what to spend gems on in Clash of Clans then  read this! I will show you what to invest in, how to farm with gems, etc. At the end, I will do a sort of table to show what amount of gems you spend and what you should spend it on.

So when people buy gems in Clash of Clans, I see lots of people spending them on dumb things, for example filling up gold storages. This isn’t clever because you could do other things that take about an hour of fun for 1/5 of the price.

What you want to do when you buy gems is “farm”. Farming is when you search for bases just for their loot. You want to boost your barrack speed, so it’s extra fast and you can earn loot a lot quicker.

Apart from farming, the best thing to spend gems on are builders huts. Builder huts let you upgrade more things at once. If you’re a town hall 5-7 player these are EXTREMELY handy. I did some calculations and if they keep upgrading all the time, it will be about 73% faster than with just 5 builders.

Also if you have enough for 5 builders huts at once, then build all of them, THEN boost the barracks.

The 3rd best thing (in my opinion) to spend gems on is upgrade time. It may not look like a really good offer, but if you got lots of gems (£50-£80) range, this is really good.

I think the 4th thing is probably to upgrade Lab and Spell factory potions and troops. I wouldn’t really recommend this THAT much, but if  you are raining in gems it’s probably not bad.

Now I’m going to do this table I promised you at the start:

  • £3.99- £7.99 Builders huts
  • £7.99- £14.99 Builders huts
  • £14.99- £39.99 Builders huts and barracks boosts
  • £3.99- £79.99 Builders huts, barracks boosts and boosted upgrade times

Hope you enjoyed!

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