New York City FC

NYC A.K.A New York City FC are one of the newest teams in football so I thought this is probaly fairly interesting I hope you enjoy. NYC fc are a football club in the usa but one of the interesting things is manchester city fc OWN this team weird huh. They have made some good transfers recently Frank Lampard from manchester city, Pirlo from juventus and some random right back called  iraola from sevilla. Now lets talk about the league the league is kind of weird becuase it starts after the english leage ends but its a good league to watch if you want to watch it watch it on Sky tv. Now this is very weird their stadium is from New York yankees they are going to stay there for about 4 years! The next thing is the T-shirt logo the logo Etihad Airways is the same as Manchester city FC’s logo this is probaly just becuase it’s easyer to coppy the same logo as the other club.  NYC fc are doing well so far so that will be a thing to keep an eye on becase they are a new club and have high leage expectations. If you are from America mabeye support this club becuase they are an interesting and good club.  They also got added to Fifa 15 the game and they will be in fifa 16 they are actually a good Team in fifa so you might want to play as them since they are a new and cool team.

Thats all I wanted to talk about today thanks for reading 🙂

How to spot a dodgy website

Ok so I think we are just going to go strait into this story ok.  so this is HOW TO SPOT STUPID HACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

1. One of the ways to spot a dodgey website is simply by seeing way too many advertisements do you know why? No you say it’s becuase the advertisments pay them money to hack them see ._. this is just a start.

2. If ever it says stuff like FREE MONEY!!!!!! dont say Ok my bank acount details are here and you type them and I am not even joking those IDIOTS steal your money! Yup i know right? thats over the top well those foul hackers dont care they just want MONEY!!!!

3. Have you ever went to your Gmail etc… and seen free 10-30 day trialy yes? well ofcourse you need to write your bank details again  and you are probaly like YAY free days but…. Once you enter your vital bank details JUST ONCE they start stealing your money think of all the money your sweet little 3 year old could of had awwwwwwwwwww 🙁 OH NO your being hacked Note:just dont enter any bank details that pretty much aren’t any other apart from PayPal.

4.  Ahh just having a lovley look on my android phone store aww Minecraft costs 5£…. I cant buy it 🙁 . OMG I’m saved there’s a fake version of minecraft for FREE! what a bargan it just needs my android ID and i’m done 🙂 YAY what a game this is i am just gonna look on my Barclays bank acount ._. ummmmm…… whaaaa? wheres my money gone? Note again: Android fake minecraft editions hack you google search fake minecraft and read the articals.

5.  People say sometimes Ebay can be cheaper hooray you say 🙂 well you shouldn’t celerbrate too soon becuase your about to die….. Let me explain so When Ebay sell things that say no deilvery that’s dangerous becuase there’s been NEWS (whatevs) about somone got killed bying something on Ebay. dont buy anything from Ebay or else…


Thanks for reading this I hope it helped you not die or get bank robbed 🙂

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Don Bradman Cricket

This game is about Cricket obviously…. Anyway  the special thing about this game you don’t have to go outside  !!!YAY!!! lol. This game has lots and lots of game modes so this will be a very long post at last. The first game mode I want to talk about Casual mode this is probably good for when you just bought the game and want some more practice. You can probably guess what this gamemode is This gamemode is basically just a normal match with no competition. The coolest thing about it YOU yes you there can play any team from any time from 1960’s to 2015’s and there are also not just the famous teams there are teams like Northern Ireland, Germany, ETC.


The next gamemode i want to talk about is multiplayer now if you want to play this like me you have to buy PSN or on Xbox Xbox live

The difference from Casual mode is you play against someone hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bad thing about multiplayer mode is the players are decent oh no cry cry cry cry 🙁

lol.  So we don’t need much explaining on that one I guess.

Next mode career mode I love this game-mode because you can actually create your own player! its sick. anyway when you create your player i would recommend making him a batsman being a batsman is very fun in this game I have played this for hours sometimes myself to. The other parts you do are each match you try and preform better and better if you get VERY GOOD then you can even get in to your International team.  I recommend playing this most of your time because it’s really fun and addictive.

NEXT gamemode the next gamemode i am going to be talking about is the tutorial NOW I know this sounds really boring but trust me its actually very handy when you forget how to bad properly lol.  It taught me how to bat a six and it taught me how to bowl to so don’t skip this gamemode out its actually really important.

This gamemode is the training so this basically teaches you how to bat in a batting net kind of handy I guess… maybe not But you might as well check it out because you can get better at batting if you do this mode.

The only gamemode i don’t know how to play is Don Bradman Cricket academy this gamemode is about building your own team can you can even download other people’s teams. I  thought the interesting part about this is that you can make your own referee to.

The consoles you can play on are…

Xbox 360, Xbox one, Ps4, Psvita and Ps3.





OK so this title looks weird to you probably right? anyway. Agar.IO is a science based game so you will start of with a little blob and you can name its what you want :). If you type in certain names like Mars you will turn into mars you can also download music but i wouldn’t if I were you because there are lots of dodgy websites out there you know. Anyway this is just a game you don’t have to download it just search and then start playing yay!


Hello everyone so i had this idea for a long time just about since i first had the old theme.  So i just thought to myself this theme is boring….. so I GOT A NEW ONE! I think it was called summer 2014 for some reason that was kinda weird but anyways…..  so really  what i was trying to say to you was this old theme was boring and the new theme was cool. thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!



I am making a youtube acount to soon!

Match Attacks

Match Attacks are trading cards my by Topps. You will find match attacks in the shops…. Tescos, WHSsmiths, and lots of other shops. The Match Attacks this season are getting fairly old and i think they are getting a new series in soon though. Match Attacks are based on the premier league players and clubs. These cards are the best cards i have ever collected and i would be happy if you bought them to.


quick note: my name isn’t admin.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a game made by the Same people as clash of clans. The point of this game is training up troops and defending your’e village also you can create an alience and fight with others. I think clash of clans is better but you can choose I don’t mind :).



The Sims City is like The Sims 4 but instead you have a whole city to own not just 1 or 2 people. Simcity is a game when you start with a load of empty space and build up your city and population. Population makes you more money because thay have to pay tax and pay money in shops. When you have a great city move on to another city and build them all up until there all full.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea is a football club in England in the first division / barclays prem league. Chelsea are the winner of the 2014/2015 cup and winners of the same year capital one cup if you are new to football and don’t support a club I would say chelsea because they are a very entertaining team with talented players. I wish you good luck whoever you choose to support.

Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies is a game when you start off with some plants aand you plant them in front of your house to stop them eating the humans brains. There’s also a shop where you buy more power boosts and plants to make it easier but also the levels are getting harder a the same times. there’s a garden where you plant plants and get coins after you harvest them.