Ronaldo Vs Messi

We all know that Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in the world. But I am going to show you the head to head stats and facts etc.  Well for a start Ronaldo has played in many different teams like Manchester United.

When Messi was a kid in Sunday league football he only lost 1 game in 6 years. Messi was scouted by Barcelona and put into there youth team. Also Iniesta  was scouted at nearly the exact same time.

Messi  joined his international team in 2005. That was when he was in the professional Barcelona squad.

One of the signs that he’s better than Ronaldo is that he has won 4 Ballon d’Or’s and Ronaldo has won 3. Messi has scored more champions league goals also.  Ronaldo’s last club as a youth player is Sporting CP.

Shortly after that Alex Ferguson scouted Ronaldo to join Manchester United. He did massively successful and the prices on his T-shirts made loads of money for the club.  The manager had to spend a mouth taking 80 million for CR7 when he join Real Madrid.

When real Madrid bought Ronaldo a few years later he made his own boots. Then very soon later Bale joined Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has beaten records of other past Real Madrid player like most goals for the club (example of one of many) Now should we look at some HEAD2HEAD stats? Yes you say…

As you can see below there are some stats Ronaldo has scored only 5 more goals

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it a lot. also read the last thing i wrote about Fifa 16 I’m sure you will enjoy it because it has got loads and loads of tips. I will do more stuff like this really really soon see you all really soon bye 😉

Cristiano Ronaldo 82 goals Champions league
Lionel Messi 77 goals champions league