Sorry I haven’t been online for ages

Sorry for all of you purple Eskimo fans I haven’t been doing stuff for a while I decided to do a sort of thing about loads of different subjects on one article. I hope you enjoy it!

Minecraft: so Minecraft is a great game it has different blocks and stuff you can make servers that your friends can play on.  The new update (1.9) is coming out soon it’s going to be adding Ender City, another hand A.K.A dual mode (sick),          New arrows like poison arrows and  Infinity EnderDragons. Also I got some more stuff to talk about like commands I really recommend going to Minecraftscience the top search result its a really awesome website that gives you commands. If you wanna play with me on Minecraft my username is luckyjack111😆  And now we go to the next subject.

Fifa 16 New!:

Fifa 16 is out NOW!!!!!!!!!! FIFA 16 is now my faveiroite game. EA have added a few new things one of my favereioute ones is the new draft mode on ultimate team it lets you build a team of random cool players like Neymar who I got. Also on pro clubs this is my favourite game mode they have added new beards the ones they added are very long and if your stranded finding a team join my clubs cfc22. Now let’s talk about women’s teams they added women’s teams sadly not the clubs only some of the country’s you can play then offline or on seasons mode were going to talk about in a minute…  Seasons is a mode when you play online against a random opponent the best team that I have played on seasons are bayern münchen but you can choose any club That’s most of the game modes but there are about 2 more but I’m not gonna spoil them for you.

Ea sports pga tour 15 new:

I love this game it’s really interesting i reccomend playing career mode it’s really fun and you can make your own player. They also added a thing called Nightclub mode it’s a golf course but it has loads of lights like orange blue and pink around it (of course it’s at night) also head 2 head mode is really cool you can play with your career player against other online players or you can play with players like speith. You can also play the pro lounge all you do is learn about the game.  One more cool thing is the online compititions you can play on an online course against others.


plants vs zombies garden warfare

In this game if you have ps4 like me you need PSN so anyway let’s go you can play many different game modes such as garden ops in garden ops you have a garden and protect it from the zombies I play this game mode the most. There’s is another game mode when you can join the zombie team or the plants team to try and conquer gardens. Also like ultimate team from Fifa you can open packs to unlock to unlock your stuff like decorations for your plants and more zombies.

terraria this game is like a 2d mine craft it’s really fun to play you can get bosses and fight them for example eye of cuthulu  when you defeat bosses you can collect all their loot and make better swords and armour.  You can also make houses and sometimes people move in the houses. The cool thing about that is they sell you cool things like guns and arrows but you do need to have a lot of coins to get the cool stuff.

Thats the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it. I will make more articles everyday from now on.