Star Wars Battlefront

Hello Purple Eskimo fans. Today I am going to do a review and some cool facts on Star Wars Battlefront.

You should buy the game before you read this, so you know what I’m talking about.

So, when you enter the game you will be put in a Darth Vader battle VS all the goodies. It seems annoying at first but in about 15 minutes the proper game should be dowloaded. The first game mode I recommend you play is Single player missions. This is because you don’t want your stats to appear bad.

Once you complete all the single player missions you should play Hero VS villains game mode, I found people who play this game mode are usually fairly new.

This is also good to get used to playing all the characters. You don’t want to go into a game mode and not know how to use any of the characters. My favourite character is  Han solo, he is over powered if you learn how to use him well.

I see lots of players not knowing how to use characters at all. These players usually get bad stats on their multiplayer profile.

Also here’s a <<TOP TIP>>. When you rank up and unlock guns, don’t get the ones with some good stats get the ones with all rounded stats.

The reason this is is because you could have a gun with not all rounded stats and someone with all rounded stats will most likely smash you into pieces.

Now I’m going to talk about the game and what I think about it and how fun it is: the reason I like this game is because it’s really fun, it’s a first person shooter mixed up with lightsabers.

This  game really shouldn’t be a 16+, it should be a 12. The age rating is way too high, because the movies are exactly the same as this game I don’t get it.

Another thing I love about this game is the graphics, which are amazing. They literally took scenes from the movie and made them into digital graphics.

The thingI don’t like about this game is when you get to rank 50+, it seems like you can unlock whatever you want. This isn’t fair on the new players, as they need to make the match making system more accurate. Anyway, overall I rate this game 9.2/10, so I would recommend this game to any people reading.

Thanks for reading fans, I’ll be posting LOTS soon!



Here is a nice HD picture of Darth Vader from the game.

Here is the official website for the game. Press here to see it: