Top 10 most underrated professional Footballers (Euros 2016)

Hey fans, today I’m writing about my PERSONAL most underrated Footballers. These don’t go in order in-terms of skill.

10: Kyle Walker I’ve seen this guy play quite a lot now, He’s incredible on his day. He’s got pace, stamina, Passing. Everything you need in a Full-back.

9: Danny Rose Similar to Kyle Walker. He’s got all the things he has but he’s a bit less fast and better at defending. Danny Rose is going to be a great Full-back for England in the Euros.

8: Razvan Rat Another defender on this list, Rat is and excellent, experienced player. He’s is arguably the Romania’s best player this Euros.

 7: Olivier Giroud I see why people don’t like him. He does  miss a few open chances but apart from that, He’s a great player. He’s got some pace, he’s excellent at heading, good at shooting and overall. He’s a very good player to make it on this list.

6: Luka Modrić I don’t know what’s happened to him. He use to be talked about all the time but now he’s gone out of ‘Fashion’ great player again. Great passing vision and can set up brilliant team goals.

5: Mesut Özil Again, he use to be talked about ALL the time. But yet still had his best season ever, expect him to set up a lot of Germany’s goals this season. He gets loads of assists and also a ‘Cheeky’ goal every now and then.

 4: Garry Cahill He’s the best defender in England right now, trust me. He’s so physically good and the type of defender who would risk a broken leg to save a goal.

3: Igor Akinfeev Wow, this guy on his day is as good as David de Gea, He’s a great shot stopper and his reflexes are amazing. A big part of how Russia are even in the Euros this year

2: Chris Smalling All the normal attributes of an avarage defender but quite fast, expect him to perform well this Euros. And if he preforms well and you’re reading this, don’t say I was wrong 😉

1: Graziano Pellè He’s a great shooter, got a bit of pace and is just a classy striker. an important part in Southampton and the Italy team this year. Expect to see some goals from him!