YouTube  is owned  by google. Youtube makes billions of pounds a year. google bought youtube as well. I thought it was a ver y smart idea. Google can spot a good website. I think we can all agree on that right? Anyway so some Youtubers own millions of pounds a year. a good example is Stampy. one of my faverioute YouTubers of all time. Stamps made more than 2 million pounds last year. When you setup a Youtube account don’t expect to make millions of pounds in 2 days. Stampy took about 3 years until he started making his huge amount of money. In the future I’m going to make a YouTube account so keep reading my stuff and you can watch my videos. They are going to be Fifa 16 videos and super Mario maker videos. Oh ye and probably some Minecraft.  I also might do Ultimate team and Pro clubs on Fifa 16. If you all subscribe when its out I will do more videos. I might do Rocket League as well but only if you fans subscribe. and if you donate i will do a game of your choice. (£30 or more) Also i know 30 pounds is a lot but remember how enspensive games are. Also i will leave some videos of Stampy  below. i also got a google plus account.  I hope you enjoyed this and also check all my articals about this stuff.  Also I might do some Classic mario games like mario bros wii. Thanks for reading and see you really really soon